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Spinal Decompression In New York City, DRX 9000

Spinal Decompression question

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I wanted to posted a couple of questions that I received below and answers.

Is Spinal decompression safe on someone that already had a back surgery?

There defintley is a time and place for back surgeries, when it comes to treating Chronic back pain, Sciatica, and herniated discs.

BUT I believe that all Non-surgical treatment options should be tried first before rushing to get a surgery.

Subject: spinal decompression treatment


I had a discectomy in Feb/09 as I had herniated my L5-S1 disc and it was pushing on the S1 nerve. I had been pain free for two months post recovery period but I have reinjured myself as I am feeling the same pain again radiating down my leg and in my ankle.
As I am not able to persue surgery, I was hoping this may be an effective treatment but is it advisable so soon after surgery?
Spinal decompression treatment should be considered a safe alternative to a second discetomy.

4-5 months after a microdisectomy you should of healed tissues in that area. In our NYC spinal decompression practice we have successfully treated patients that have had failed back surgeries.

I would be sure to seek out a experienced spinal decompression specialist that has at least several years of experience on top notch equipment. I favor the DRX 9000 and I feel it offers the patient the most comfort and safety with a proven track record.

As you go through treatment be sure to gradually increase pull and avoid bending lifting and twisting during the treatment protocol.
I would also consider looking in Cold laser therapy, this has been helpful in reducing swelling and decreasing pain.
Soreness is normal throughout treatment,the pain radiating down the leg should get better when pressure is removed from the nerve root.

Only you and your doctor can decide if this treatment is right for you, but consider spinal decompression treatment if far less invasive then a surgery.
Physical therapy should definitely be integrated into your treatments during and after spinal decompression treatments.

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