Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back Pain treatment NYC, Sciatica NYC

Back Pain treatment NYC, Sciatica NYC
As a Chiropractor in Manhattan I see patients that have back pain, neck pain and Sciatica everyday,it is my job to get them better and most of my patients want to get better in a New York minute.
I was working out yesterday and pulled a muscle in my back, oh boy I thought.

The first thing I did was when I got back to office was ICE my back after a Chiropractic adjustment and had our Physical therapist do some ultrasound and electro-stimulation.
This morning I woke up sore and in some pain, so again I had some Physical therapy done this time I had the Graston technique done on my lower back, I truly believe this is the Best soft tissue treatment available today.
If you have a muscle spasm this stuff works,especially with a lumbar sprain/strain.
The combination of Chiropractic, Physical therapy, Kinesiotaping, graston technique and cold laser is awesome for back pain.

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