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Back Pain NYC, Back pain treatment nyc,herniated disc treatment NYC

Back Pain NYC,Herniated disc Manhattan
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Pain in the lower back is a symptom that can take many forms. It is not a disease, although very rarely lower back pain may be due to a disease. Most of the time, low back pain appears suddenly, and often it is agonizing. But it may also be experienced as a low-key pain. This can be a dull or nagging pain.

Lower back pain is pain affecting the lower part of the back. It is described as:

Lower back pain is acute if it has lasted less than 6 weeks.
Lower back pain is sub-acute if it has lasted 6-12 weeks.
Lower back pain is chronic if it has lasted more than 12 weeks.

Lower back pain is a pain or ache somewhere between the bottom of the ribs, at the back, and the top of the legs. The pain often begins suddenly, and may follow an obvious strain or injury.
Back Pain NYC, Back pain treatment nyc,herniated disc treatment NYC
The lower back pain may travel to or be felt in other parts of your body. It often goes into the buttocks, but may go further down the leg and even into the foot.

The back pain may be worse on bending and is often worse sitting, especially in an easy chair. Sometimes turning over in bed and sitting up is painful. Coughing or sneezing can often make the pain much worse. The muscles of the back may go into painful spasm.

Back pain may be combined with pain into the leg, traveling down below the knee, this is otherwise known as sciatica, because the main nerve to the leg (the sciatic nerve) is being irritated by pressure on it.
Sciatica can be caused by a herniated disc.
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