Thursday, August 29, 2013

Treatment for Pinched Neck Nerve in NYC

When a patient experiences pain in the neck area, it is often caused by a pinched nerve.  The term “pinched nerve” refers to a nerve that is entrapped or under excessive pressure because of herniated or bulging discs anywhere along the spine, including the neck.  Other causes of pinched nerve in the neck can include degenerative disc disease, subluxations, and facet syndrome.

When nerves are under stress, they become irritated and send painful signals to alert of a problem that needs to be corrected.  Aside from discomfort and pain, a pinched nerve in the neck can also cause loss of motion and sensation, as well as weakness and inability to properly function.  This can extend from the neck to the shoulders and arms, because the nerves that originate in the neck prolong down the upper extremities.  Problems with hand function (similar to carpal tunnel syndrome) and headaches are also possible symptoms of a pinched nerve in the neck.

Chiropractic care is one of the most effective treatments to correct spinal issues that cause a pinched nerve in the neck.  Because it is a safe, non-invasive, non-surgical therapy, patients experience progressive pain relief and overall wellness without any additional downtime.

An expert chiropractor will diagnose the patient by evaluating the results of diagnostic tests such as X-rays, MRIs or nerve tests – one test or a combination of tests is prescribed depending on the patient’s condition and needs.  At Dr. Steven Shoshany’s state-of-the-art physical rehabilitation facility in NYC, X-rays and nerve tests are performed and reviewed in-house for the patient’s convenience.

Following a diagnosis that reveals the patient has a pinched nerve in the neck, a personalized treatment plan will be developed.  Dr. Shoshany’s top treatments for pinched nerve in the neck include chiropractic adjustments and cervical spinal decompression.  These options are safe and highly effective because they address the root cause of pain in order to provide long-lasting relief and wellness.

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Monday, August 05, 2013

Why Get Chiropractic Care in NYC

New Yorkers have the advantage of living in a city that offers some of the best chiropractic care available in the country.  Dr. Steven Shoshany, one of the leading names in the chiropractic profession, has been practicing in NYC for over 15 years.  In addition to being one of the first chiropractors to offer computer-assisted spinal decompression treatments in NYC, he also heads a state-of-the-art physical rehabilitation practice that is one of only three in NYC to offer The Gonstead System chiropractic treatments.

Because of the high level of activity in the city, New Yorkers need to access care without delay and without affecting work or social commitments.  Dr. Shoshany and his staff meet New Yorkers’ demanding needs by offering the highest level of quality care and convenience.  Dr. Shoshany’s practice is conveniently located in NYC’s NoHo neighborhood, is easily accessible via public transportation, and offers flexible appointment schedules, including emergency after-hours and weekend consultations and treatments for busy New Yorkers unable to receive treatment during regular office hours.

Aside from the convenience factor, Dr. Shoshany offers some of the best non-surgical pain relief treatments in NYC.  As a top-level chiropractor who is sought-after for his highly effective holistic treatment protocols, Dr. Shoshany’s chiropractic care procedures are custom-designed to help each patient achieve permanent pain relief and overall body health by correcting spinal subluxations.  Dr. Shoshany and his team are experts in providing adjustments that restore spinal balance and improve comfort by addressing the cause of pain instead of the symptom itself, thus ensuring long-term results.

Dr. Shoshany and his staff are vastly trained in several key physical rehabilitation techniques to treat a wide range of painful conditions, including herniated discs, back pain, neck pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, degenerative disc disease, bulging discs, arthritis, sciatica, spinal stenosis, sports injuries, and many more.  Moreover, Dr. Shoshany and his staff work with the latest technology to offer the best care and results possible.  Some of the advanced tools that are available to Dr. Shoshany’s patients include the DRX-9000 spinal decompression mechanism, Cox® flexion-distraction table, electrical stimulation devices, in-house radiology and ultrasound, cold laser, Graston Technique® patented instruments, specialized physical therapy equipment, and more.

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