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Spinal Decompression in Manhattan,New York City, NYC for Herniated disc-Case study/testimonial

Spinal Decompression in Manhattan,New York City, NYC
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Another patient success story with spinal decompression treatment in our Manhattan Herniated disc treatment facility; read below

An Alternative to Surgery

I was diagnosed with a severe disc hernia and additional disc bulge in my lower back. I was not able to walk, sit for more than just short periods of time.
On the basis of my MRI pictures most neurosurgeons and chiropractors that I initially consulted suggested surgery. However, there were some who disagreed and suggested spinal decompression (Spinal decompression) followed by physical therapy (PT). While looking for a practice where I could be treated with SD I started with conventional chiropractic treatment. This helped a little, but I was still not able to walk longer distances or work full time and in full capacity. Eventually I got into contact with Dr Shoshany and started SD under his care. I went through 20 sessions in a time-course of six weeks, PT was added after the fourth Spinal decompression session. Already after two sessions I could feel a noticeable difference in the flexibility of my movements. Two weeks into SD treatment the pain in the lower back decreased considerably fast. By the third week I was able to walk down streets pain-free and enjoy being back at work full time.
I have meanwhile completed my Spinal decompression and am now continuing Physical therapy in order to strengthen my core muscles and ensure that the state of flexibility is at least maintained, if not further increased. I am now able to fulfill my daily duties without much pain, if any.
I highly recommend the great work of the “Living Well Medical” team. Here you are definitely in professional hands. The SD treatment itself is absolutely pain free. The atmosphere at the practice is fantastic, everyone is just superbly friendly and supportive, and your best comfort is guaranteed during your entire stay. All finances are dealt with professionally and a huge effort is put into trying to make the treatment cause the least financial stress.
I am not an expert in the details of how Spinal decompression works for all different back and neck disc problems – I advise you to consult Dr Shoshany and his colleagues if you wanted to learn more about Spinal decompression etc. Yet, from talking to other patients and surgeons I have learned that surgery of herniated discs has not always been a successful remedy. Furthermore, surgery, whether successful or not, will always damage your back tissue to a considerable extent. In fact, I have met patients who told me that damage caused to the spine during surgery is now part of their back pain diagnosis. I definitely acknowledge the usefulness of surgery in specifically severe cases, but I tend to favour the general view that surgery should be left as last resort. There have been cases in which surgery failed to relief the symptoms, some where these have become worse. To my knowledge there is no data that describes the latter outcome after Spinal decompression. In the light of this and my own experience I can only recommend SD therapy for cases of severe disc hernia or bulges. And if you are in the NY area I definitely recommend the “Living Well Medical” team for SD as well as conventional chiropractic and PT treatment. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the team, especially Drs Shoshany, Weissman, Piwnicka and Blank as well as David Vargas for all their help!

His treatment involved DRX 9000, SpineForce 3D Rehab,Chiropractic adjustments, Physical therapy in our Manhattan office. Call(212) 645-8151

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