Wednesday, February 02, 2011

“I Have Back Pain...What Should I Do?”

When something is wrong with us, we tend to panic a little - it’s a very natural reaction, especially when the problem or pain is severe. Back pain is one of those issues that, again and again, leaves people searching, clamoring really, for an answer and a solution. And it’s no wonder. People who suffer with back pain go through a lot just to feel like themselves, to get a little shred of normal back. All of those feelings get summed up in the question, “what should I do?” It’s one of the more common questions I hear, and at Living Well Medical, back pain and other serious issues like it are a big part of our daily work. So then, let’s start by trying to get some basic answers.

First - Take a day or two of rest. If the issue is related to the muscles, it should start to feel better after a little rest. If the problem persists, start looking at options for clinics and doctors to see. Chiropractors and physical therapists are often excellent first choices.

Second - Understand that if you do nothing, there is no way of knowing what the result will be. Many people “work through the pain” and end up all the worse in the end. Do yourself a favor and take action. At the very least, you can learn what you are up against and make a plan. In the best case scenario, doctors and therapists can get you back on track. The main thing is to take action.

Third - After you choose a place for treatment, listen to your doctor. It sounds simple, but so often, patients who need back rehabilitation to prevent future injury don’t follow through and end up re-injuring themselves or even worsening the problem. Do yourself a favor by taking your treatment seriously, even after pain has been reduced.

If you are in serious pain, make sure to call a doctor. The best way to deal with pain quickly and effectively is to consult an expert. Call us today for a consultation at 212-645-8151.

- Dr. Shoshany, NYC Chiropractor