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Herniated disc treatment options in NYC

Herniated disc treatment options in NYC

If you are reading this blog post you are one of the thousands of people that suffer with Back pain or arm/leg pain due to a herniated disc.

Most people often find out about their disc herniation from a MRI scan.
If you have been diagnosed with a bulging or herniated disc what are your treatment options?
Chiropractic care, Physical therapy, epidural injections, Spinal decompression.

What makes the most sense to me is bringing all these treatment protocols together under one roof to provide a superior non-surgical approach to not only eliminate pain but to reduce the disc herniation and allow the patient to return to their daily activities.

Is Chiropractic safe for those with herniated disc?

Yes! Chiropractic adjustments are not only safe but by reducing spinal misalignment and reducing nerve pressure patients often get back to work quicker then most other methods. Some patients with acute disc problems may need a gentler approach then the traditional Chiropractic adjustment,The Cox technique is a highly effective and very comfortable adjustment that reduces disc pressure.

I was prescribed Oxycontin or Vicodin for my back pain will this help me?

Accidental overdoses are now the number one cause of accidental deaths in the US, surpassing car accidents. Every 19 minutes someone dies from these medications.
In my opinion these medications are abused and over-prescribed.
Instead of masking the symptoms we find the root cause of the problem and correct it

What about Spinal injections?
For those patients that are suffering with Sciatica or shooting leg pain they may benefit from a Facet or Epidural injection to reduce pain. Dr Stephanie Webb is a Doctor of Osteopathy that specializes in this non-surgical procedure that can often provide the patient with instant pain reduction.
If you are suffering with back pain and are considering back surgery you should consider a doctor that specializes in these non-surgical procedures. We offer same day appointments.

Is Spinal decompression effective for the herniated disc patient?
In our clinic we have provided spinal decompression to thousands of patients over the past 8 years.
It is extremely safe with little to no side effects and the results speak for themselves.
We have seen patients that have given up and patients that have had epidurals with little success respond with spinal decompression.
Spinal decompression is highly effective for those that have undergone spinal surgery and are still in pain.

What makes our Clinic unique is that we have all the disciplines under one roof working together.
We offer Chiropractic care combined with Spinal decompression and Physical therapy to help strengthen core muscles. For those patients that need more we offer Pain management services and same day non-surgical procedures.

If you are not sure what is causing your pain we invite you into our office for a complimentary consultation.
Call us at (212)645-8151 to schedule an appointment.
We offer same day appointments and are open Monday-Saturday.
We offer onsite Diagnostics
Digital Radiography and Diagnostic as well as procedural ultrasound and Fluoroscopic guided procedures.

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