Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How can I treat my Herniated Disc?

Treating a herniated or bulging disc, in some cases, can be relatively simple if you are willing to pursue treatment and work with your chiropractor diligently. Of course factors like the age of the patient, the presence of other diseases, the experience of the chiropractor and how active or inactive the patient is on a day to day basis will effect the recovery time.

Treating a herniated disc in Manhattan also presents its own unique challenges. The breakneck pace of life in NYC is not very conducive of rest and recovery, and short of surgery, your body will have to do the repair and healing itself. No pain medication can heal an injury for you, it simply alleviates pain and can also help reduce inflammation, but the repair process happens from within and must be monitored and addressed to ensure optimal recovery and reduce the chance of re-injury.

A good chiropractor can provide you with proven and safe options for treating your leg and/or back pain resulting from a herniated disc. A bulging or herniated disc can cause back pain, leg pain, and the pain can even shoot as far down as the foot. The herniated material from the nucleus of the disc can impinge and irritate a nerve, which is a common cause of the condition known as sciatica.

A chiropractor can treat a herniated disc using manual spinal manipulation techniques, and specialty equipment like the COX table, and spinal decompression. Rest and stretching/ strengthening exercises may also be prescribed along with recommendations for lifestyle modifications. Some chiropractors work along side physical therapists and pain management specialists so they can provide a broader spectrum of treatments and techniques and help the most people possible, and this multifaceted approach is often superior to visiting a single specialist.

So a herniated disc can be treated a number of ways but there is a reason most people turn to chiropractors for the best possible care for their back pain.

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