Thursday, January 03, 2008

herniated disc DRX 9000 treatment

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First off Happy New Year to everyone!
I have had doctors from across the world contacting me about my spinal decompression protocols.The one thing I tell them is Be picky with who you accept.
I turn down more patients than I accept. This is usually due to the fact that they are not the ideal candidate.
To get great results with spinal decompression I believe the equipment you use is crucial.
I do not work for any table manufactures but I have used many tables and I prefer the DRX 9000 table. It is the workhorse of the industry and is in my opinion the most comfortable to the patient and the most sturdy and reliable table. I have to agree that some of the marketing that went along with was questionable but the table does provide excellent results when combined with proper PT and rehab it is a tool not the end all.
I highly urge any doctor looking to buy a table to test drive different table and decide not only on price.
I know to many "cheap chiropractors" to but DTS tables only to sell them 2 months later because they do not get the results they expected and patients get upset about results.

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