Friday, January 11, 2008

DRX 9000 Manhattan New York Chiropractor, DRX 9000 Manhattan

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I recently purchased the Cox flexion distraction with long axis traction to complement my spinal disc decompression protocol.
This table will allow me to get even better results with patients that medial disc herniations in the lower lumbar spine.
If you suffer from Failed Back Surgical Syndromes

Disc Herniation / Ruptured Disc / Bulging Disc / Herniated Disc

Sciatica / Leg Pain


Arm Pain

Neck Pain

Failed course of Steroid Injections

Chemical Radiculitis


Synovial Cyst


"Hip Pain" due to sciatic nerve irritation

Transitional segment
The combination of the DRX 9000 spinal decompression table and the Cox technique is tremendously effective in treating these conditions without surgery.
I am the only Chiropractor in New York city that combines these two amazing tools to give the most complete Non-surgical approach to treat these difficult conditions.

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