Wednesday, June 27, 2007

DRX 9000 Manhattan New York Chiropractor, DRX 9000 Manhattan
DRX 9000 and spinal decompression have become synonymous.
When someone is shopping for treatment and they have to spend their hard earned money they want the best equipment money can buy.
I have seen plenty of Chiropractors try to get into the Spinal decompression game now and want to get in cheap.
I would like to share with doctors that are considering doing this that they are better of buying a better table like the DRX 9000 and saver money elsewhere.
I think a good analogy is a surgeon buying cheaper tools would you want to go to them?
Granted Spinal decompression is not surgery, but don't you want the best tools for your practice?
I do, that is why I use the DRX 9000, cold laser therapy, H-wave therapy and Whole Body Vibration along with Dynamic bracing and nutritional support with my patients in my Manhattan practice
The results speak for themselves, I also have a cheap decompression table (3d active trac) I now use it to put patients on Stim and no longer use it's decompression feature.
If you charging 4K for treatment on a table that cost 8K new Shame on you!
Word get's around quick, treat patients with respect and give them a great service.
My focus in my practice is dealing with patient that have lumbar disc herniations and using every non-surgical method to get rid of their pain and return them back to a normal lifestyle.

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