Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chronic Back Pain: Herniated Disc

If you have been suffering with chronic back pain and/or leg pain or if you are experiencing tingling, weakness, or numbness down the leg, you may be suffering from a  herniated or bulging disc in your spine. A herniated disc can be very painful depending on a few factors like age, the condition  of the disc, and the severity of the injury. 

For people that have severe, unrelenting pain in their back, leg, or shooting pains, it can turn every day chores and routine tasks in to a major obstacle. 

You can find fast, non-invasive pain relief from visiting a Chiropractor in NYC. Manhattan is, in fact, a hub of chiropractic practitioners, but you want fast relief, and unparalleled results you want to go to the best most reputable chiropractors in New York. Dr. Steven Shoshany has been helping people get out of pain for well over 10 years, and his spinal decompression center uses the latest technology, proven to get results and relieve pain. 
By decompressing the spine and letting the intervertebral disc heal naturally, you can naturally, safely start back on the road to recovery, without pain pills. For those  people in sever pain who can not undergo chiropractic treatment of physical therapy, he also offers interventional pain management solutions like epidurals or facet bloc injections, at his integrated practice on Broadway, in Manhattan. 

Usually bones in the spine (the vertebrae) have sufficient cushioning from intervertebral discs, these spinal discs are rubbery and contain a gel like fluid that acts as a shock absorber, and cushion between each vertebrae. Sometimes, as a result of acute trauma, or chronic postural issues, deconditioning, or general wear and tear, these discs can herniate or bulge, and impinge the nerves housed in the spine. This can result in an excruciating amount of pain, depending on the severity of the herniation. Some people who have herniated discs will show no symptoms at all because the herniation may not be severe enough to interfere with nerve activity. 

If you are currently experiencing back and leg pain, or may be concerned about your back health. You can schedule a free consultation and get all the answers that you are looking for. You don't have to suffer through pain for long periods of time or be pumped full of medication (often with awful side effects) just to function every day. Contacting a chiropractor or your doctor as soon as possible is very important so that if you already have a herniated disc, its not made worse by just waiting. 

Take action today, you don't have to be in pain, there are qualified healthcare professionals that specialize in getting people out of pain, and they help people with herniated discs every day. 

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