Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pinched nerve in the cervical spine/ herniated disc cervical spine and shoulder/arm treatment

Pinched nerve in the cervical spine due to a herniated disc.
Cervical spine and shoulder/arm treatment NYC.

Just last night we had a patient come in with extreme neck/shoulder arm pain.
He had just had a MRI that confirmed presence of a C5/C6 disc herniation that was putting pressure on his C5/C6 nerve root and facet joint inflammation (similar to tiger woods recent injury.)
We started him out on some moist heat and electro stimulation,followed by Cox cervical flexion distaction and a gentle Chiropractic adjustment.
We followed that by cervical spinal decompression and then he was worked on by our Massage therapist.
He did a complete 360 in one visit, he left with the biggest smile and almost 75% better in one visit.
Awesome stuff!
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I'm the onsite massage therapist/ personal trainer at Living Well Medical. After ruling out several muscle groups and taking into account the patient's medially rotated rt. shoulder we came to the conclusion of the problem muscle being subscapularis among others. Subscap. is an extremely overlooked muscle in terms of treatment because of its location and the difficulty in terms of reaching it. This muscle is located on the costal surface of the scapula and attaches to the lesser tubercle of the humerus. Warming up the area through several strokes and mobilizing the scapula allows access to the area. The patient responded favorably to the treatment in conjunction to Graston Technique, chiropractic care, and cervical decompression. Not only was range of motion increased in the cervical region but also in his shoulder girdle. The beauty of our facility lies in its versatility, all of the professionals onsite come together for the best client centered outcome possible.


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