Monday, March 29, 2010

Herniated disc NYC-Chiropractor NYC

Herniated disc NYC Back pain NYC The Disc Its long name is the intervertebral disc. It is the structure that seperates each of the vertebral bodies. The disc is analogous to the white cream between the two chocolate wafers in a Oreo cookie, where the wafers are the vertrbrae. It's a critical part of the spine. The disc looks solid, but it isn't. It's contructed s lot likea jelly donut. It has a firm outer shell (called the annulus fibrosis) and a soft inner core (called the nucleus pulposus). The job of the nucleus (the jelly) is to absorb shock. Just as the hydraulic fluid in a cars shock absorbers prevent us from feeling every bump in the road, the doft inner core of your disc provides the give that prevents your vertebraw from rattling against each other with every step you take. The job of the annulus (the bready part of the donut) is to keep the nucleus from leaking out, and to attach to the end plates of the vertebral bodies above and below. The annulus plays a role in back pain because there are nerves in it. If you have Back pain or a herniated disc in NYC visit or Dr. Steven Shoshany-NYC Herniated disc specialist

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