Monday, May 25, 2009

Manhattan,NYC DRX 9000-Another Herniated disc success story!

DRX 9000 Success Story in Manhattan,NYC
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I recently had a patient that just completed a spinal decompression protocol email me an awesome testimonial. This patient was determined not to have a back surgery and through a protocol of spinal decompression,SpineForce Rehab,Cox Technique,Chiropractic care and a stretching home care program he is so much better When a patient can become part of their protocol and become an active participant in their recovery the results are greatly enhanced. It is an awesome feeling to have helped a patient without a surgery.


by DAJT2 March 17, 2009

I have a new back!!! BY A NEW BACK, I MEAN one that has stability, flexibility, adjusts itself naturally, and free of the tricky discs, the gripping spasms & debilitating pain. Those that suffer with back disorders, know that this is pretty amazing testimony. DR. SHOSHANY IS THE SPINAL HEALTH CARE LEADER, an expert in spinal decompression, and a healer of back pain: he has the winning team, the high-tech facilities, and the proven approach. (Read this review, and others.) DR. SHOSHANY AND HIS TEAM OF WELLNESS PROFESSIONALS TOOK MY COMPLICATED CASE to create a healing program of core strengthening, chiropractic adjustment, stretching, and spinal decompression. This is a high-tech operation with a very caring and knowledgeable team of experts that all pull together to cause wellness in their patients TO SUM UP DR. SHOSHANY, SPINAL DECOMPRESSION, DRX 9000 IN TWO WORDS: Very Effective! In one word: Incredible! While perhaps I’ve gained only millimeters in additional disc space by Spinal Decompression, it feels like inches to be free from the non-stop nagging of back pain. It was so easy, just 20 consecutive treatments. I scheduled my therapy three times a week. I WAS SERIOUS AND I GOT SERIOUS RESULTS. Although it’s not inexpensive, for a new back, revived energy, and no back pain—it’s great value! Unlike surgery, the expense is not astronomical, it’s non-invasive, there’s no recovery time, nor the possible complications of surgery FOR MY PART, I have taken their direction & the spinal decompression opportunity very seriously. Anyone with back issues understands the importance of a strong relationship with your back; and I was serious about creating one and I applied myself to reinforce the opportunity. I have put into practice all that Dr. Sho and his team have taught me (a special thanks to David Vargas, Trainer). My core muscles have strengthened significantly, and engaging my core strength in the simple routines of life has become second nature. THE RESULTS HAVE PROVEN THE WORK THAT I WAS WILLING TO TAKE ON TO MAKE THE MOST OF SPINAL DECOMPRESSION. I have a new back: if you’re suffering with serious back issues, don’t delay. Make an appointment to see Dr. Shoshany. I’m back in action with a spinal column to support it. It’s truly incredible. Pros: BEST COMPREHENSIVE CHIROPRACTIC CARE Cons: NOT CONTRARY, YOU MUST BE COMMITTED TO YOUR OWN WELLNESS

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