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Non surgical spinal decompression NYC

Spinal decompression in Manhattan- Pain Relief
I pulled a recent ad that appeared in the NY Post on 12/03/08 for a spinal decompression doctor that uses the DRX 9000.
I found a similar ad for a Chiropractor in Ohio.
I have been a advocate of Non-surgical spinal decompression utilizing the DRX 9000.

Back Surgeons Laughed At My New Disk Machine
Until My First Patient…
Finally, A Breakthrough In The Treatment Of Back Pain And Sciatica Caused By Bulging, Herniated, Or Squashed Discs
We believe the greatest back pain breakthrough of our century that this doctor has seen is NOT surgery,
but a little-known, state of the art technology that’s safe, painless and has recently become available inWilmington.
Wilmington - My name is Dr. Wayne Albain and the following is a true story.
Wilmington - My name is Dr.Wayne Albain
and the following is a true story.
A very well known area surgeon told one of my
very first patients… “That won’t hurt you, but
it’s not going to help”. Those were the words of
this well known surgeon.
He was referring to my new disc machine that
reduces and eliminates the back pain and sciatic
pain out of those with disc problems.
I really could not believe that a surgeon would
make that comment about a new treatment they
obviously knew nothing about.
Back SurgeonWas DeadWrong!
Lucky for my patient, he chose to take my
advice. After a thorough examination, I determined
he was a candidate for Non-Surgical
I recommended a course of treatments that
lasted five weeks and to my patient’s pure
delight, the severe back pain he had been taking
drugs for was going away.
By the end of his treatment, he was totally pain
free! He was pain free and off the pain medications
for good.
Do You Have A Disc Problem?
If you experience any of the following in your
back or neck, chances are your pain is due to a
disc bulge, herniation or degeneration:
1. A vice squeezing your back
2. Sitting causes back or leg pain
3. Stabbing pain at the belt line or in your neck
4. Can’t turn over in bed without hurting
5. Numbness in your toes and fingers
6. Fire down your legs
7. Searing pain radiates into your arm
8. Prickling in your thigh
Finally, Some Good News
If you’ve been suffering with back pain or
arm/leg pain caused by a disc bulge, disc herniation,
or squashed or compressed discs.
It’s all because of 14 recent medical studies on
spinal decompression.
Until recently, the only advice for many of you
suffering in pain was to try what you’ve been
1. Try exercising
2. Try physical therapy
3. Try pain medications
4. Try muscle relaxers
5. Try pain shots
6. Try dangerous back surgery
7. Just live with it
If you’re like most, none of these have worked
for you or you are afraid of what could happen
if you do try some of these. Exercising makes
you hurt more, pain medications and muscle relaxers
cover up the problem and give you side
effects. Pain shots can cause more pain, don’t
work or don’t last very long or FIX the problem,
back surgery didn’t work or made you
worse. Or maybe you were one of the lucky
ones that back surgery actually helped, but now
the problem is back with a vengeance.
Whatever your situation, you owe it to yourself
to check into a Breakthrough Computerized
Non-Surgical Treatment for back pain and sciatic
or leg pain caused by a bulging, herniated
or squashed disc or discs. It has helped hundreds
of people who were suffering just like
you. This new treatment machine I’m calling
my squashed disc machine.
How Do Discs Go Bad?
Over time the discs in your back tend to get
squashed or compressed, especially if you’ve
played certain sports when younger or have a
job that requires lots of sitting or standing in
one place for long periods of time. Car
accidents, lifting things, very physical jobs just
to name a few.
It’s kinda like a cookie with cream filling, and
the cream filling will start to ooze out from
between the sides of the cookie if pressure is
applied on top of the cookie (like gravity on our
Eventually this happens to a lot of us. Statistics
are something like over 80% of Americans will
suffer with back pain sometime in their life.
Back to my new computerized squashed disc
machine.You’re probably wondering how this
new machine works.
How Does This MachineWork?
Haven’t you ever had the thought…“Gosh, if
somebody could just pull me apart…I would
feel a whole lot better”.Yeah, I know you have.
And it kinda makes a bit of sense.
Well someone else, actually a medical manufacturer,
back pain specialists, neurosurgeons
and engineers have come up with just that. A
machine that gently pulls you apart, stretches
the disc to a certain point that causes a drop in
pressure inside the disc (like a little vacuum in
the middle of the cream filling) causing the
cream filling to suck back in!
In my clinic, I’ve successfully treated hundreds
of patients with spinal decompression so there’s
no reason your back problem should be any
In fact, I am so confident we can help you, I’m
willing to back it up…but not with empty
Yes, a real old-fashioned satisfaction guarantee…
but there’s one small catch…for your benefit.
You see, there’s a very small percentage of
folks we can’t help.
And that’s why I am offering for the next 7
The FREE 19-Point
Qualifying Exam
That’s right, no charge and we won’t
try to sell you anything. But you will
find out if you are a candidate for this
revolutionary new therapy. You won’t
be left wondering if it’s something that
could have eliminated your pain.
During the exam (a $250.00 value),
we’ll check out your ligaments, muscles,
hips, pain index, reflexes, discs,
tendons, spine, pelvis, x-rays, MRI’s,
flexibility, motion, balance, & nerves.
Offer Good for Next 7 Days
PLUS with Qualifying
Insurance 3 Treatmests
At No Cost To You!
Call Today!
Albain Chiropractic
and Rehab
Wayne R. Albain D.C.
120 Fairway Drive,
Wilmington, OH 45177
*Free Spinal exam. Free x-rays (if indicated).
Does not include further consultation, x-rays, or care.

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