Monday, May 26, 2008

Spinal decompression NYC, Herniated disc specialist
Spinal decompression NYC, Herniated disc NYC, Sciatica NYC
So many choices in Spinal decompression systems which one to go with?
I will make it easy for you, Last time I counted there where about 21 different spinal decompression systems currently available all different price points.
I still think that the DRX 9000 is the best system on the market, No I don't work for them. The reason being first and foremost, "the studies" all the major studies coming out on spinal decompression are done on the DRX 9000 system. Visit their website at DRX 9000.
It is also the most comfortable to the patient and it is user friendly to the doctor.
I remember when I first started with my 3D active trac, by the end of the day I needed Spinal decompression! The DRX is easy on the doctor and it is a sturdy machine that is built to last.
I have colleagues that bought knockoff's and are complaining to me everyday.
Why by a knockoff watch or a cheaper pair of sunglasses? I always invest in the best so I know I offer the best.
I combine Cox flexion distraction decompression with DRX 9000 and SpineForce 3D rehab along with Cold laser, this works great for my patients.
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