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Drx 9000 and those other tables.......
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Commonly asked question

I frequently get emails from Chiropractors that are considering getting into the Spinal Decompression Market. I will post the top three questions i receive below:

1.) What is the best Spinal Decompression table that provides the best results?
I always tell them that I have used at least 11 Decompression tables and the one that I prefer is the DRX 9000. I do not work for Axiom, I bought several tables from a reseller
No I don't work for them either.
It is the Benchmark in my opinion
The reason is that there are more units out on the market then all others combined, this is good because that means it is easier to service and parts are easier to get. Most systems like cars if used need maintenance.
2.) What about the lower priced tables and other chiropractors offering visits as low as $50 bucks?
Well this is a great questions but the are layers to this answer.
First What can you spend?
If you can spend 50K+ then you can get a tough reliable table like the DRX 9000 and provide quality care and charge a fair price.
Some Chiropractors buy a used 10K tables and overcharge patients for care but I do not feel comfortable to charge a patient an excessive fee.
I also have a 3D active trac that I use for cervical spinal decompression, in my New York practice.
If a patient pays you $4 K for decompression on a $8 K table that doesn't sit well with me.
If you incorporate a spinal strengthening regime and provide bracing and follow up care then its a different story.
Another factor is your overhead.
I have a Doctor that I consult with in Texas that has a Dream setup, He has a 3,500 Sq. Ft. office and his rent is under 2K!
This is fantastic I operate out of a 500 sq. Ft. office in one of the priciest areas in Manhattan where a one bedroom apartment is 1.2 Million.
Anyway I believe in even exchange if you provide an incredible service and do everything possible to improve the patient conditions and genuinely go out of your way to provide excellent patient care than you are doing the patient an excellent service.
I provide an excellent service and serve patients that value my service.
I also truly believe in providing Charity.
I provide a Spinal decompression protocol gratis once a month. This is a $4,500 service.
My most recent patient is a Mason (bricklayer) that has a L-4 herniated disc, he has 2 children and works like a dog and ever since his hospitalization for severe low back pain he has been in and out of work, He was not able to pay my fee. I decided to provide the service for him under the condition that he followed my recommendation to a tee.
He is back to work full time and is now able to provide for his family once again! This feeling is better than any other monetary reward.
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