Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Spinal Decompression
For the first time last night I saw a positive news report on Channel 11.
The segment featured a colleague Dr. Howard Goodman D.C.
The segment talked about insurance coverage and how they do not pay for this service.
I mentioned earlier that this is still considered experimental and investigational, but what is interesting is the results are outstanding and the no chance of injuring a patient.
If you have a herniated disc and are interested in Spinal Decompression please visit
I believe that is a step in the right direction and when the insurance companies realize that this procedure is an affordable option to expensive and risky back surgery they may start to cover it.
I make it affordable to my patients by offering them interest free payment plans for up to 18 months.
To learn more about spinal decompression visit my site at or call (212) 645-8151 to learn more how Spinal decompression can help you overcome the pain!

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