Thursday, January 25, 2007

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What Should I pay for Spinal Decompression?
I had a patient come by today that was interested in Spinal Decompression and already meet with a Doctor.
He was quoted $5,200, that is pretty high in my opinion and when I asked which table the doctor was using, The 3D active trac I knew that was defintley to high of a price.
I have and use the 3D active trac and never charge more than $3,500 for treatment.
I offered him treatment on the DRX 9000 table for that price and he wanted to know the diffrence of the tables, so here I go.
The DRX 9000 is more comfortable and has a much smoother and much more comfortable pull. I started with the 3D active trac and I had patients that I switched to the DRX 9000 and once they got on that they never wanted to go back on my older 3D active trac.
Compare the DRX 9000 to the 3D active trac.
The 3D active trac costs 13 K new and the DRX 9000 costs 115 K new. Big difference
Also 3D active trac is said to have 3D movement, but it doesn't do this while automatically set.
Before you fork over 5K when you can buy the table used on ebay for 8K do your homework.
I update my blog almost daily so consumers can make a informed choice when in comes to Spinal decompression in New York.
Several doctors are charging in my opinion too much.
If you want the best Decompression table go with a DRX 9000 or a Spine Med table, both these machines are well built and heavy duty tables that can provide a effective decompression therapy.

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